Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blogging on my Blog about Blogging or rather not! Or - the nature of my 'Busy'

So this blog has been once again rather sparse for a while. There are many, many posts half finished in draft (and some of them are absolute corkers, believe me, you don't know what you're missing) but I just haven't had the time - and "Why's that?" (I imagine) I hear you call. Well, I'm just so darned busy.
Its not just the stuff, but also the traveling to the stuff as well - a thought that also reminds me how much of my cash keeps going to line the exquisitely tailored Telco pockets for the 'privilege' of consuming a bit of WiFi while away from home and office. God bless all you forward thinking coffee shops, hotels, airports, University Campuses and the occasional Foneros (yes, they are out there is you look really hard) for providing a free data life line to a struggling Tech Entrepreneur. Someone really should put together a searchable, location based directory of all these freebies .... no, not me - I'm too busy!
My 'business' right now pretty much consists of me and my MacBook but t'Internet is crucial.
If the money from doing the work covers the costs of remote access then I guess its all manageable, if no less irksome.

But I digress!
Maybe it's the very fact that I can pretty much alway find some form of connection that allows or maybe even forces me to be so busy.

Or maybe I'm just lazy and what I consider busy, someone with a proper job would consider bumming around - nah, I'm definitely busy.

Of course the great thing is that I'm busy, but not on any thing I don't want to be busy on. I've no corporate politics forcing me to do appeasement projects, limited admin nonsense (though those business grants don't apply for themselves) - and most importantly no need to work with any one I don't want to. I could be busier, but I'm learning to prioritize my busy, and eradicate unnecessary busy, distracting busy and most importantly futile busy.
So for the record, this is what is keeping me busy this month.

  1. WGC - I accepted the post of VP of Engineering and Product for this VERY exciting startup. Of course they are based in Syracuse NY which gives me plenty of oportunity to be busy with intercontinental traveling. Also, being 5 hours behind GMT means my working day can be busy for longer (now how's that of optimized busyness?)
  2. Inteleme - my Start-up. Business plans, project plans, funding meetings and prototype coding - very busy.
  3. Carbon - Finally pulling together the plan for clever clogs busying.
  4. Project X - Top secret world changing startup devised by a right smartypants - Product and engineering design busyness
  5. Wireless Grids Research consortium - Delivered the opening Keynote and we also demoed the WGC prototype - And just for extra busy points the meeting was in Palo Alto!
  6. Etel - A great conference with the oportunity of more trans-Atlantic travel busy opportunities thrown in. I also met some great people and put faces to some great hitherto virtual friends.
  7. Monty Dogg Records - My small label is preparing for the next Grinn album and the first in a series of band split EPs - the first being Grinn vs Liquidhead. Busy booking studios, sorting out replication logistics, distribution negotiations, Oh, and designing the cover art.
  8. Grinn - Writing the new album, rehearsing like mad, booking gigs and busying ourselves playing shows.
  9. Novel - Yes I am writing a novel - an historical, comedy crime caper. They say everyone has a book in them, though Barbara Cartland must have skewed the average somewhat. I don't know if anyone will want to read it but hey, it keeps me busy.

Well, that sets the record straight. I can now strive to add more regular (and I hope more worthwhile) blogging to my busyness.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Archives Fixed

Some time back I stuffed up the archive links - they are fixed now!