Friday, December 21, 2007

Pointless cash-in tat?

I spotted this while Christmas shopping:


Lost, the board game.

I didn't look too closely at the rules but I'm assuming that you go round and round the board with each turn seeming like you are getting somewhere but ultimately realize its the same every time. This goes on ad nauseum until one by one the players get bored and wander off only to get excited about 'Heroes the board' game for a while. Eventually however they all end up pining for the great days of 'Firefly the board game' and 'Carnivale the board game' which are far more fun, its just a shame they stopped manufacturing them.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Enterprise Networking Meeting - (post imcomplete)

On Tuesday I presented a talk at Huddersfield University to the Enterprise Network.

I took as my theme the importance to SME's of keeping an eye on coming innovations and the tweaking of the variables in the status quo can lead to upsets. Large corporations have the cash to get actively involved in industry wide innovations where as all to often the SME see's paradigm shifting innovation as ssomething that is forced upon them.

Any hoo - I promise I'd publish links to the topics I covered so here they are (this post is a work in progress and I'll keep updating over the next few days).

Introduction/Mental Sorbet

Futurama - New York Worlds fair 1939

Wired article
WiKipedia entry
Film archive
Film clips on YouTube part I, part II

MIT City Car project

Boston Globe article
Guardian article

10 things to keep an eye on

1. The Internet

Or more specifically the move from IPv4 to IPv6
Wikipedia has a pretty exhaustive entry

2. Desk top Fabbing

(links to follow)

3. Phone-a-ma-jigs

(links to follow)

4. Quantum computing

(links to follow)

5. Batteries

Virus built batteries
(more links to follow)

6. The Long Tail

(links to follow)

7. RFIDs & Spimes

(links to follow)

8. Artificial, artificial Intelligence

(links to follow)

9. Communications Convergence

(links to follow)

10. Web 2.0

(links to follow)

Wrap up

Jet boots

The Finnish bird man video.

Friday, December 07, 2007


So, there is a lot of weird and wonderful stuff out there on the Web and plenty capable of raising a chuckle, but my first laugh-out-load moment in some time came courtesy of Binoculars Soccer. Maybe I've been coding too hard over the last couple of weeks but this really amuses me.

Thanks to the ever reliable GromBlog and their fingers, which are fixed as ever firmly on the pulse of any Web Meme for bringing this to my attention.

New Offices

I've just completed a week in my new office - the fantastic new energy efficient Friendly Street building at the Media Centre in Huddersfield. After spending the last 8 months or so lurking in a subterranean space in the Lord Street building its great to get some natural light!

I should mention fellow residents Wavestreaming the Internet Radio infrastructure provider who's pic you can see above.